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Duwamish Alive collaborates with community, municipalities, non-profits and businesses within the Duwamish River Watershed to preserve and enhance habitat for people and wildlife, towards improving the health of the Puget Sound. Click here to learn more.


The Duwamish is made up of a collection of habitat-rich sites. Come explore this amazing area.

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The Duwamish River is a working waterfront that is also a fishing and recreational resource.
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Port of Seattle Project: 

Duwamish River – Incredible Parks Want Incredible Names

Help the Port select special names that reflect these 6 river sites’ cultural, environmental and historic significance. Naming these sites honors not only the river but all those who have and are its stewards.

Submit your recommendations before August 31st,  each site requires a separate submission.                                     SUGGESTION FORM

We hope you and your friends and families are well and safe as we slowly emerge from our shelter-in-place life.   Duwamish Alive is about bringing together community and connecting with nature, but also stewardship.  The challenges of restoring the health of the Duwamish River has taught us that with consistency of care and effort over time, we can heal our river’s wounds.  The river is resilient, as are we with the same effort of care.  Our partners are  adapting to our new normal of life with Covid-19 which follow the state’s  Safe Start phase plan with smaller work parties planned, virtual experiences and education opportunities, and ways individuals can help with their work. Our utmost concern is with the health of our community members.

We are postponing our special Earth Day celebrations  to our fall Duwamish Alive! held on October 17th, as every day is Earth Day. We encourage you to spend the day in nature, go for a hike, explore our beautiful beaches, take a kayak out on the water and while there look for opportunities to help the environment.

Stay well and safe.

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