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Duwamish Alive collaborates with community, municipalities, non-profits and businesses within the Duwamish River Watershed to preserve and enhance habitat for people and wildlife, towards improving the health of the Puget Sound. Click here to learn more.


The Duwamish is made up of a collection of habitat-rich sites. Come explore this amazing area.

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The Duwamish River is a working waterfront that is also a fishing and recreational resource.
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Join other community members in helping to restore the great Duwamish.

So Many Worthwhile Events

If you’re excited about volunteering we’ve got lots of events for you to match your skill set to!

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 16

Saturday, March 16

Saturday, March 26

Saturday, April 6

Tuesday, April 9

Saturday, April  20

  Wetland Birds and Birding Seminar, Delridge Wetlands with DNDA

 Volunteer in Forest Restoration of East Duwamish Greenspace  with Seattle Parks

Forest Restoration at Pigeon Pt with DNDA-Nature Consortium

Volunteer in Restoring Habitat along the River at T105 with EarthCorps

Volunteer in Restoring Forest Habitat with DNDA-Nature Consortium

Duwamish Alive! Orca Earth Day     Volunteers are still needed:

Hamm Creek Estuary, Cecil Moses Park, Roxhill Bog, and Green River Natural Area.

 Volunteer in making your community and natural spaces healthier!