12515 SE Green Valley Rd, Auburn WA

Owner: Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife

Help restore this site along the Green River, near the Neely Mansion. This site is next to the Green River and provides important habitat for salmon which are spawning now in the Green River. Enjoy a day of watching the salmon spawn while improving their habitat by increasing tree cover and removing trash from the site.
This site is owned by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife with Green River Coalition managing the habitat restoration of this 1.8 acre site in collaboration with Washington Fish and Wildlife and King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks since 2013.  It’s been a favorite access point to the river for recreational use while also providing valuable spawning salmon habitat.  It’s found amongst the farmland in South King County with easy access from Hwy 18.

Green River Coalition
Located amongst agricultural fields and near the historic Neeley Mansion, this site provides easy access to the Green River for viewing of spawning salmon and launching of small boats.
Contact:  Bernie McKinney at  GreenRiverCoalition@gmail.com