Amazing Locations In The Duwamish Watershed

Locations on map in Green indicate general sites with those in Blue indicating current event sites.

The Duwamish Watershed encompasses the Duwamish Valley, a large part of West Seattle and portions of Beacon Hill and east side of Tukwila with it’s southern boundary of I405 where the river changes its name from the Green River to the Duwamish River.  All areas where water  flows into the Duwamish River is considered part of its watershed, including streams such as Longfellow Creek, storm water runoff into the drainage system, ditch systems etc.  All of these affect the health of the Duwamish River and those that depend on it.  Our efforts in restoring natural habitat help to minimize the effects of water and air pollution by filtering and breaking down pollutants.

Our habitat sites also provide valuable resources to wildlife giving them, homes, food sources and safe places to rest.  Over the decades, as we have begun restoring our open spaces into habitat, the river is coming alive again with numerous birds, wildlife, fish and others.  The river is welcoming residents to enjoy its splendors either along the banks, on the river or in its forests.  We greatly appreciate the efforts of all the individuals who have made this dramatic change for the good happen.  To continue their efforts, we encourage you to continue this effort by contacting one or more of our partners to join a work party in restoring  healthy habitat  in our Duwamish Watershed.  All of our Duwamish Alive Coalition sites have habitat restoration work parties throughout the year, apart from our 2 primary Duwamish Alive! celebration events in April and October.  Contact information is provided for each site if you wish to join our efforts in creating a healthy watershed.