Duwamish Hill Preserve, 3800 S. 115th St., Tukwila, WA 98168

Owned by City of Tukwila

The Duwamish Hill Preserve is a 10.5 acre parcel of historical, cultural and ecological significant land in Tukwila. The Duwamish Hill Preserve serves as an outdoor classroom for students, a gathering place for restoration volunteers, a culturally significant location for Native Americans and an example of a successful partnership between community members and public and private partners.

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The preserve now includes an outdoor classroom area, established trail and continued restoration opportunities for volunteers. The Duwamish Hill Preserve is managed as a public open space preserve dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of its rich Native American cultural history, ecological importance and community impact.

Creation of the Preserve In 2001, Forterra, the City of Tukwila and local citizen group Friends of the Hill formed a partnership to work towards the preservation of a 10.5 acre parcel slated for industrial development. The land was successfully acquired in 2004 by the Forterra (then Cascade Land Conservancy) and the City of Tukwila. In September 2010, after many years of hard work by volunteers, the Duwamish Hill Preserve was officially opened to the public

Due to its elevated position above the Duwamish River, the Hill offered a vantage point from which Native Americans could watch for incoming groups and communicate with fellow tribe members along the Duwamish River Valley. Additionally, the Hill is associated with the southern Puget Sound Salish oral tradition as the key location in the stories collectively known as the “Epic of the Winds” as the location of Chinook Wind’s mother’s home: