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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with Duwamish Alive!  with special Earth Day Fairs, Special National Water Dance and more.  By helping to improve and maintain the health of our natural areas, you are also improving the air and water quality throughout our watershed.  Did you know that the Green-Duwamish River is home to river otters, salmon, blue heron, beavers, bald eagles and many more species.  Your efforts give them a healthy home.

Come for all or part of the day’s festivities.  Everyone is welcome, this is a family friendly event!  

Duwamish Alive! Seattle Earth Day

    9:30  Welcome Ceremony    T107 4750 W. Marginal Way SW Seattle  98106    special guest speakers,

    10:00 – 2:00  Help restore the river’s shoreline and kayak the river removing debris.

Explore the Duwamish culture at the Duwamish Longhouse with craft activities, informational booths  and food.

Help rename the T107 Park

Duwamish Alive! Tukwila Earth Day

   10:00  Welcome Ceremony  at Duwamish Hill Preserve

   10:30 – 2:00  Help care for Tukwila’s special Duwamish Hill Preserve and Duwamish River Shoreline

    2:00 – 3:00 Green Tukwila sponsored lunch and music with flutist Gary Stroutsos at Tukwila Community Center

    3:00 – National Water Dance Performance with Karin Stevens Dance with Community Movement Choir with other local artists in front of the Duwamish River at the Tukwila Community Center.  Featuring live singing by The People’s Echo

Duwamish Alive! Earth Day on the Green River

                           Details coming soon!  (It’s worth the wait)

Please contact us at info@duwamishalive.org for site information and registration.  We need your help, please volunteer with one of our partners at the following locations through these links:  (registration information is provided on our partners’ links which can be accessed below.)  Instruction, tools and comradery provided!

Volunteer with one of our partners:


Camp Long,   with   EarthCorps  

 Camp Long,  with DNDA/Nature Consortium

Equinox Studios Green Stormwater Infrastructure Project  with ECOSS

Hamm Creek/ Veteran’s Conservation Corps   To volunteer, email info@DuwamishAlive.org   

Hamm Creek at Point Rediscovery,  DIRT Corps & Go Native Nursery   To volunteer, email  info@thedirtcorps.com

Herrings House Park Seattle Parks    

Longfellow Creek, King Conservation District   

MLK/Fletcher  South Hill  with ECOSS and Mountain to Sound

Roxhill BogFriends of Roxhill Bog    To volunteer: email info@duwamishalive.org

T107, Duwamish Cleanup Coalition    with

Duwamish River Kayak Clean Up, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance  


Duwamish Hill Preserve, Forterra    

Duwamish Hill Wetlands,  Seattle City Light To volunteer email,  Heidi Narte  heidi.narte@seattle.gov

Duwamish Shoreline Challenge, Forterra   

North Winds Weir,   To volunteer email   info@duwamishalive.org


Riverview Park,  Green River Coalition   To Volunteer email Micheal@greenrivercoalition.org

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