Last Fall, EarthCorps volunteer and Eagle Scout, Dillon Killroy, took part in the October DA! event.  Here’s what he had to say.

I chose to work with Earth Corps because they are a local organization that works to restore sites with in the area. This is the kind of project I had wanted to do, something that would make a difference and would last. I coordinated with Earth Corps to complete a restoration project in Codiga Park. This is an important site because it is on the Duwamish river bank, a necessary place for habitat recovery. We removed invasive plants and then planted trees and shrubs in order to restore the area of shoreline.

Restoring shores on the Duwamish River is very important for the ecosystem and wildlife in the region surrounding the Duwamish. By restoring the ecosystem, the environment is improved in many ways.  Native plants can often be better at filtering runoff and cleaning the water, they are also more suitable for the native animal species. By planting native plants in the place of the invasive ones you can help both these situations.

In the past the Duwamish has been an area of heavy industry. It was a productive time period resulting in extensive commercial productivity and output. But this era has left the area heavily degraded and in need of restoration. That is why it is so important to restore the Duwamish River.

I enjoyed volunteering and working with Earth Corps. They perform in a way that displays experience and efficiency at the work sight. It was a joy to work with a group with such a strong sense of community. When we got the job done I knew we had accomplished something with a lasting effect.

-Dillon Killroy

Thanks for your hard work Dillon!